What is food design?
Food design is not only creating menus but also arranging the food beautifully. As a fine design can touch people, the well designed food -flavor, color, form, temperature, gloss, arrangement and decoration- can also bring a deeper level of satisfaction to people’s hearts.

We are made of what we eat.
When I was in my twenties, I worked as a kitchen staff at an international children’s summer camp in Japan. As I provided meals for the campers, I observed and noticed how much “food” can affect their behavior. This experience lead me to realize and understand the true meaning of the saying, “You are what you eat.” As obvious as it can be, it never appealed to me so directly as it did then.
Ever since, I grew a strong desire to spread the awareness of how important it is to chose good ingredients and eat in healthy habits.
For a while I worked at a national wide cooking school in Japan as a teacher.
Upon marriage and becoming a mother, I left my job at the cooking school and decided to work as a freelance food designer:creating new recipes, teaching cooking classes to small groups of people, and catering Japanese food in wide verities.
Putting just a little bit of effort into cooking, “Love” will be added to the ingredients. This inevitably becomes part of your soul and body.
Let’s create a joyful & tasty future together!